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Volunteer at St John's

Volunteering is vital to the success of St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School, and we welcome and encourage your ideas and efforts. There are many opportunities to volunteer and as each family’s time constraints/availability vary, we offer a variety of opportunities so that you may choose the investment in your child’s education that is right for you.


Each family volunteers a minimum of 30 hours.


Keeping Our Children Safe


All volunteers working directly with children at St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School must complete the Essential Three:

  1. Attend a VIRTUS training session (a local 3 hour program focusing on personal safety awareness for children)
  2. Sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct
  3. Have a background check


Visit to register for a VIRTUS Training Session, sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct, and request your background check. These procedures are in place for the safety and protection of all our children. We acknowledge that there are many pieces our volunteers need to complete. Thank you for your diligence!


Volunteer Opportunities


Download Volunteer Application HERE!


  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Parent Gathering Room:
    • Lending library- keep organized, send email reminders for returning resources, re-shelve returned items
    • Weekly watering plants in entry way and parent room
    • Researching Montessori at home and making information pamphlets for parent gathering room
    • Provide and supervise care for parent gathering room fish
    • Checking and re-supplying refreshment station supplies
    • Helping keep children’s area tidy and periodically replacing materials on the shelves
  • Clerical:
    • Helping Robin with non-information-sensitive admin tasks (like creating fliers or assembling folders, etc.)
    • Publicity, Communications and Marketing materials- work with Kathleen
    • Soliciting donations (like small gifts and gift cards) as prizes for school events
    • Create school yearbook, gathering pictures and writing captions throughout the year
  • Materials:
    • Assist guides in cleaning materials
    • Assist in preparing materials (projects like cutting, laminating, copying)
    • Bringing in flowers
    • Helping with laundry, sewing
    • Collecting supplies (like magazines)
    • Picking up and returning library books for guides
  • Hospitality:
    • St. John’s Moms Google groups/ listserv coordinator
    • Decorate for seasons, e.g., set up Christmas tree
    • Plan, coordinate and run staff appreciation lunches, e.g., once a month crock-pot meals made in the staff lounge with lovely seasonal decorations and thank-you’s
    • Additional staff appreciation projects
    • Welcoming new families
    • Help plan and decorate for school events
  • Facilities
    • Help Scott with school building projects
    • Landscaping Help
    • Painting projects
    • Fixing projects
    • Moving things
    • Carpentry
  • Events:
    • Assist at Advent and spring programs, the school play, and other productions
    • Assist with the Wednesday enrichment day programming
    • Help coordinate and assist running Service Saturdays
    • Help coordinate and assist running Family Film nights
    • Volunteer greeters/ workers for open houses and parent education nights
    • Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser event helpers
    • Parade participation- planning and preparing a float, directing the students
    • School Picnic
    • Taking photos at school events


  • Other
    • Prayer support- pray a Holy Hour for the school community
    • Field trip assistance
    • Offer personal talents/ gifts in classroom demonstrations or working one-on-one with student projects (like cooking, painting and other special art projects, PE instruction/ activities, etc.)
    • Back-up Lunch / recess monitors