ST. John the Baptist Parents in Partnership

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Parents in Partnership (PIP)

Have you wondered what the PIP program was, but were afraid to ask? Well, it actually is an excellent question.


In 2002, a group of parents collaborated with the Principal of SJB to determine how the parents could assist with programs, events or functions that would not otherwise fall under the general operating budget. Specifically it was formed to fill the following needs:

  • Fund enrichment programs for SJB students such as assemblies.
  • Provide community-building activities and organize social functions for parents, students and families of SJB.
  • Welcome and serve as contact for families who are new to the SJB community.
  • Serve as a communication link between parents and school.
  • Facilitate teacher and staff appreciation actions such as during Catholic School Week and conferences.

PIP is a committee that falls under the School Committee but works in close collaboration with the Principal. It is operated by parents or guardians with a child enrolled at SJB in grades K-8. The money designated as “PIP School Activity Fee” in the beginning of the year funds the items stated above that are not funded by the general operating budget. The funds are maintained in a separate account and managed by the PIP Treasurer and a member of the Parish staff.