For many students, the school doesn't end when the afternoon bell rings. Instead, they simply shift to an after school care setting. Seeking out high quality after school care offers numerous advantages for both the student and their parents. In many cases, before school care is also offered. 

1. Children are kept safe

In many cases, the work schedules of parents or the school schedules of older children who might be able to supervise their younger siblings do not overlap enough. Before and after school care provides a safe and nurturing environment for children until their parents are able to pick them up. A environment that controls access ensures that children are safe. 

2. Educational resources are available

Having access to a school's resources, such as the computer labs and library, allows children to get a jumpstart on their homework or to work on long term projects. Being able to utilize the playground during nice weather and the gymnasium during inclement weather allows children to burn off some excess energy so they are more ready to interact with their parents upon pick up. 

3. It's a supportive environment

Many schools offers before and after school programs that their students can take advantage of. Doing so enables children to tap into that same supportive educational environment they enjoy during school hours. This can help with their continuity of learning, encourage them to create deeper bonds and allow them to build long lasting friendships in ways that might not be able to be fully developed during the busyness that marks regular school days. 

4. Care that's affordable

Whether children need care every day after school or only on a drop in basis prior to the first bell in the morning, having a reliable place for their children that is also affordable helps put parents' minds at ease. A reasonable fee structure means that parents don't have to scramble to find subpar care they can better afford. 

St. John's offers its students comprehensive before and after school care through it Kids of the Kingdom program. With generous hours, supportive staff and an affordable rate, this programming provides students with an additional reason to look forward to coming to school.