Every parent wants what's best for their child. When it comes to finding high quality care, seeking out a program that has been awarded accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has many advantages. The following are just a few that parents of St. John's students will find particularly appealing. 

1. Appropriate teaching methods are used

A school that has been NAEYC accredited uses teaching methods that are appropriate to the development of the child. This includes linguistic and cultural aspects as well as the physical and mental development. 

2. Exemplary staff is used

In order to obtain accreditation from the NAEYC, a school must employ a teaching staff that possesses the knowledge, educational qualifications and commitment to ensure the promotion of children's learning, interests, needs and development. 

3. Constantly assess programming

The NAEYC charges schools that receive accreditation to provide assessments of the children in its care on an ongoing basis. These assessments must measure the child's development and learning. They need to be used as a method of communicating the progress the child has made to his or her family. 

4. Emphasize positive relationships

In order to support and encourage a sense of worth for each child, the NAEYC notes that each school must foster positive relationships with the children and adults within its programs. 

5. Foster a collaborative relationship with the child's family

A school that the NAEYC accredits has demonstrated that it recognizes that it is in partnership with the child's family. The school and the family both want what is best for the child and the best way of ensuring that this occurs is to collaborate as often as possible. 

6. Provide an adequate physical environment

Schools know that not all learning takes place at a desk. However, ensuring that the learning environment is safe and adequate for the physical requirements of the children in its care is vital to them obtaining the best education. In addition, being physically active significantly improves the child's health and makes it easier to learn. 

St. John's is proud that it is has accreditation from the NAEYC. It is a thorough process that involves site visits and assessments by NAEYC programming experts. Contact them today to learn more.