Far too often, parents are unhappy with the school district they're a part of and feel any option that isn't funded completely by the government is unobtainable. They may feel unsatisfied with their child's education and fear they're not doing their child's education justice because of limited funds. However, a family's financial situation doesn't have to hold a student back from a better education


1. Assistance from the School

Always check on the school's website and contact an advisor or representative from the school to determine if the school offers tuition assistance. Sometimes, the school provides families with discounts, payment options or assistance in other forms to make the school more affordable to the general public. 


2. Grants and Scholarships

Look into what government or local education associations supply families with for private schools such as grants or scholarships. The scholarships may be given to students on the basis of certain requirements like current academic achievement or extracurricular activities. 


3. Loans

While it sounds like an extreme amount of debt, taking out a loan for what a family can't afford is a worthwhile investment in their child's future. Low-interest, personal loans are available through financial institutions, but a family must do their research to find the best option based on their current financial situation, credit history and desired loan amount.  


4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe.com allow a family to set up a page where people can donate to their student's education. It helps if a family states why they need assistance and how going to a private school could change their child's life. People may want to help the family, in particular the child, achieve academic success. 


5. Help From Family Members

It's not a sign of weakness to ask for help when needed. If a family is struggling to find the funds for a Montessori school, it doesn't hurt to ask other family members for money, even if it's for a low-interest loan. 


6. Get an Online Job

Parents can find freelance work online to do at night that can be enough extra income for tuition. Jobs can be done online in a person's free time. Freelance work includes everything from web design to writing to transcription. A person may want to setup a website or blog to earn extra income. If a person is crafty, why not make items and sell them online to earn the extra money? It doesn't hurt to take on local side jobs like babysitting, petsitting or dog walking, just to name a few.