As a parent of a young child, it is only natural for you to want to give your child the very best when it comes to her education. Like many other parents, you may be confused with the wide variety of differing educational philosophies which are now available to your child. Perhaps you may be wondering why more and more of the parents you know are making the decision to enroll their children in a Montessori school? 


Why Montessori? The reasons are clear.

For students to succeed in today's highly competitive world, they need exposure to quality education right from the start. Studies show that children who attend Montessori schools perform better academically and socially than peers who go to non-Montessori schools.


In one study, conducted by Angeline Lillard, PhD, which was published in Science, Lillard tested four groups of students: two groups of 5 year-old students and two groups of 12 year-old students. Half of the students attended Montessori schools while the others attended traditional public school. The studied concluded 5 year-olds who attended Montessori schools performed better on reading, math, and social development tests. Both groups of 12 year-olds tested equally in reading and math, but students who attended Montessori schools continued to score higher on social and behavioral tests.  


Montessori offers many other advantages to preschoolers:

  • Teachers track your child's individual Key Developmental Stages;
  • Class instruction focuses on the needs and ability of the students;
  • The hands-on learning methodology fosters creativity and cooperative learning, and
  • Classroom routines help students to improve their behavior and develop personal responsibility.


If you live in the Excelsior area, and believe that a Montessori education is a good match for your child, please visit St. John the Baptist, Catholic Montessori School. St. John the Baptist is an accredited coeducational school teaching students from the age of two up until 8th grade. Established in 1903 , the school welcomes students with a vibrant modern curriculum while remaining deeply rooted in a strong tradition of Catholic faith. You can make an appointment to tour the school by calling the school directly at  952-474-5812, or learn more about why St. John the Baptist is the right school for your child.