The most important meal of the day for children is breakfast. It helps jump start their brains to learn for the entire school day. Eggs, toast, bacon, and fruit provide protein, vitamins and carbs, which kids need to have a well-balanced meal, but they get boring easily. Stir it up with these breakfast ideas. 


1. Breakfast Skillet  
Mix everything you want your kids to have for breakfast such as a meat, potato and ripped up toast in a pan together. Add vegetables in desired. Mix in eggs or make an egg and place over top of each person's plate. It's easy to make and provides all the nutrition your child needs for a good start. Pair the skillet with yogurt with fruit or a fruit bowl for a truly well-balanced meal.  


2. Yogurt Parfait  
Use decorative plastic glasses and fill the bottom with a few tablespoons of yogurt. Place a layer of fruit and/or nuts on top of the yogurt. Cover with another layer of yogurt and then continue with another layer of fruit and/or nuts. Continue alternating between yogurt and fruit and nuts. Feel free to change the fruits and nuts and mix it up however you want. You may even want to cook the fruit with sugar, water, and cornstarch to form a fruit filling-like substance to put down for each fruit layer. Make sure you allow the substance to cool or the yogurt will melt. You could even put different fruits and nuts out and allow the children to make their own.  

3. Fruit Kabobs  
Make a meal consisting of healthy carbs and proteins such as French toast made with whole grain bread and an organic extract or fresh-squeezed fruit juice for flavor. Make organic sausage on the side. Now comes the fun part... use skewers place fresh fruit on the sticks. Cut up apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, bananas and strawberries, so they're large enough to put on the skewer. Berries like blueberries and raspberries will fit on the skewer whole. Place the fruit in fun patterns or create a tray and allow the kids to make their own.  


4. Breakfast Burrito  
Make or purchase a cheese sauce. Scramble eggs and fry organic bacon and sausage. The sausage works best when it's ground sausage. If it comes in a casing, you'll need to remove before cooking. You'll need to break up sausage patties while they fry or once done. Feel free to add sautéed onions, peppers or tomatoes and season as desired. Place all of the ingredients your kids want inside of the wrap and drizzle some melted cheese over top of all the items. Roll up the burrito and serve.