Art is just one way through which children can express themselves, and it allows them to communicate feelings and develop important fine motor skills. Although the Montessori method doesn’t have a set art curriculum, creativity and artistic activities are integrated into all subjects of study, using art and creativity to boost learning and interaction. In the Montessori classroom, children are provided with open-ended activities, many of which allow kids to use and explore creativity and art.


Displaying Art Throughout the Classroom

Along with all areas of learning, art can give kids a solid foundation for growth in the future, and art allows children to create, explore, develop, and express self. The Montessori classroom offers an introduction to art and creativity by displaying art throughout the classroom. In fact, Montessori herself recommended that classrooms incorporate famous art works throughout the classroom. By hanging these works at eye level for children, you avoid creating feelings of superiority or detachment, instead making artwork feel accessible and on their level.


Adding Activities That Let Kids Get Creative

Beyond displaying interesting artworks throughout the classroom, the Montessori method adds activities to daily learning that allow kids to get creative. Having an art area in the classroom stocked with supplies that kids can interact with can allow kids to learn while they get creative with art. Art stations may include various mediums, including clay, paint, crayons, pencils, and pastels. Supplies for gluing, scissors for cutting, and paper for drawing and tearing are often supplied.


Creating Art Connections in the Classroom

The Montessori method also makes it easy to create art connections in the classroom by setting up other learning activities that incorporate art. Literature and art can be combined together, providing children with books that also include beautiful artwork. Children can spontaneously enjoy art in the classroom, whether they’re engaged in math or language activities, by decorating borders of papers with drawings, illustrating stories in journals, or drawing pictures of subjects when doing research.


The Montessori method is all about allowing children to take possession of their environment with their hands, and this makes it easy for art and creativity to be incorporated into every part of the learning process. Learn more about the benefits of the Montessori method by visiting St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School for a tour today.