The Montessori philosophy extends beyond academics at St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School, with the same philosophy and principles being used in athletics as well. We understand the importance of freedom of movement and physical exercise, which is why physical education and athletics is an essential part of our core curriculum.  


Physical Activity and Intellectual Function

Studies have shown a link between physical activity and intellectual function, and when children have freedom of movement and get involved in regular physical activity, it’s directly connected to discovery and self-motivated exploration. Engaging in physical activity isn’t just important for overall health, it’s also essential for developing the brain.


Not only do studies show that physical activity can improve intellectual function today, but engaging in regular physical activity can improve cognitive function for decades. Regular physical activity benefits children and will continue to offer benefits through every stage of life, which is why physical education is a part of our school’s program.


Physical Education Supports Life-Long Health

We believe that physical education also supports life-long health. With physical education and established exercise, kids get a break from their normal classroom work, which gives them time to socialize while improving personal development and helping kids develop healthy exercise habits that will lead to a lifetime of wellness.


Our athletics programs focus on helping kids get involved in activities that will allow them to practice life-long health. Activities emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship and team work, and they also work on physical development, particularly gross and fine motor skills. A variety of different physical activities are presented to children, and all children are encouraged to get involved.


Implementing Montessori Principles in Athletics

The Montessori method focuses on allowing kids to focus on the areas they’re interested in, and we work to implement Montessori principles into our athletics programs as well. Teachers, trainers, and coaches work to observe the interests and needs of each child, anticipating the things they’re most interested in to coach kids effectively. By translating Montessori principles onto the sports field, it offers a rich setting that can help kids develop physical and athletic skills.


The Montessori method proves useful for students, both in the classroom and when on the sports field. We work to encourage children to improve their physical fitness by engaging in physical activities and athletic pursuits they enjoy. Learn more about our methods, both in and out of the classroom, by visiting our school for a tour today.