At St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School, they offer a host of extracurricular activities. With a full roster of options including before and after school programs that are an extension of their excellent curriculum, athletics such as basketball, soccer and volleyball and summer programming St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of extracurricular activities. Your child can realize the following benefits: 

1. Provides a safe outlet for energy 

It's no secret that children often have pent-up energy that can be difficult to be fully diffused during the school day. Signing your child up for a soccer program or art club after school allows him or her to channel that excess energy in a positive and safe way. 

2. Explore interests

While St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School follows your child's interests, there are often times when more time is desired to devote to a particular activity. Another common scenario is when a child has an interest in an activity but doesn't really know enough about it to ascertain whether or not they might find it enjoyable. Extracurricular activities often provide a low-key way of dabbling in different areas which can allow your child to find a new passion or solidify an existing one. 

3. Develop interpersonal skills

Engaging in extracurricular activities enables your child to develop and solidify her or his interpersonal skills. While these skills are constantly being developed while your child is in school, the learning is extended when extracurricular activities are chosen. The change in environment, people and activity can lead to a deepening of these crucial, lifelong skills. 

4. Unwind the mind and body

Much like adults who love to go for an early morning jog or relax on the couch with a favorite television show, children also need opportunities to relax their bodies and their minds. Being able to engage in physical activity, such as basketball, or paint, dance, write or sing, provides children with an opportunity to defuse from the pressure of school with its tests, curriculum and projects, as well as life in general. 

5. Fosters emotional well being

Your child's emotional health is just as important as his or her physical health. Having an outlet that supports and expands this crucial area can help your child cope more effectively with the inevitable ups and downs of life. 

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