Many parents find that traditional school systems are unable to adequately address the special needs and learning styles of their child with ADHD. In the typical classroom, children have to stay still, listening to lectures from the teacher. Kids with ADHD often have a difficult time focusing on these discusses unless they’re unusually interested in the topic, and in many cases, they may disrupt the class by getting out of their seats or blurting out answers to questions.


Since traditional learning methods may not work well for kids with ADHD, a school that offers a different approach for learn, such as St. John’s, may be an excellent choice. Why choose St. John’s? St. John’s uses the Montessori method, which offers unique benefits to children with ADHD. Here’s a look at some of the reasons enrollment in a school using the Montessori method may prove beneficial for your child.


The Environment and Materials

Kids with ADHD often learn better in a hands-on environment, and the Montessori classroom offers an environment that is laid back and engaging, as well as materials that keep all the senses engaged. Materials are enticing, therapeutic, and hands-on, and they’re designed to teach a single skill at one time, which works well for kids with ADHD. Children with ADHD and other special learning needs have the chance to explore and learn using their hands when the Montessori method is used.


Freedom to Work at Their Own Pace

Traditional classrooms often leave children with ADHD behind, moving ahead before these children successfully master essential skills and lessons. With the Montessori method, kids have the freedom to work at their own pace. There’s no burden of grades, test scores, and competition to get in the way. This method also encourages children to follow their own interests, giving them the freedom needed to flourish academically.


The Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori method emphasizes respect, cooperation, and peace, and this philosophy is beneficial for children with ADHD. Not only does it encourage them to learn these lessons, it decreases the likelihood that they will be ostracized or teased like others. Other children generally will make the effort to encourage and befriend kids with ADHD and other special needs within the Montessori classroom, and building these friendships can be very beneficial to children experiencing the challenges that come with ADHD.


Of course, the small student-to-teacher ratio in Montessori schools also proves beneficial to children with ADHD, since teachers have the ability to pay more attention to each individual child. Schools like St. John’s that use the Montessori method can help foster a love of learning in kids with ADHD, helping these children get the quality education they need to be successful in life. Visit St. John’s today to learn more about how our school can benefit your child.