After the enrollment process, your student receives plenty of opportunities to create projects for various subjects, which answers the questions of, "Why choose St. John's?" or "Why Montessori?" Our campus provides the tools your children need to succeed, but there's more you can do that stimulates young minds and gives you an opportunity to spend time with your children.

1. Create a Craft Table
Set up a craft table on your dining room table. Provide your children with a wide variety of mediums to work with such as pom poms, sequences, cloth material and construction paper. Instead of supplying them with a prompt to follow, let you kid's creative genius flow freely and see what they create. If they craft a character, ask them to make a story including the character's background. 

2. Cooking Projects
Get your children in the kitchen to cook with you. Have your child help with as much as he or she can for his or her age level. Make something fun like tacos, wraps or a salad. Not only can the child assist with the preparation process, he or she will get to make his or her own plate.

3. Holiday Decorations
Forget about purchasing new decorations each year or climbing up in the attic to get the ones down from last year. Instead, have your children create all of the decorations for the year. It makes the children happy to complete the craft, and they'll be proud each time they look around the room and see their creations.

4. Blow Painting
Painting is entertaining for children, but you probably already have a fridge adorned with fluffy clouds, flowers and self-portraits. Have the child choose a color of paint and place a small dollop of paint on a piece of paper. Next, ask the child to blow the paint around and choose other colors to do the same in order to create an abstract painting.

5. Create Your Own Arctic Circle
Your child can make glaciers using Borax, Gak and glue. Sodium polyacrylate and water make a snow ideal for indoor play. When more water is added to the sodium polyacrylate, the consistency of the snow will be slushier. The child may make cold-weather animals that are native to the area and play pretend once the art projects are done.