Once you have your child enrolled in a Montessori school such as St Johns the Baptist, you'll need to make a few decisions such as whether to purchase your child's lunch daily or pack a meal. Those who pack meals aren't as limited as they think; plenty of healthy options exist. 

1. Crackers and Cheese

Although you can purchase a premade version in the store, it's much more expensive and definitely not as healthy as making it yourself. Use cooked ham, pepperoni, low-fat cheeses and whole-wheat crackers. Pack sliced vegetables and hummus on the side. 

2. Pizza Pitas

Children enjoy being able to make their own pizza, so why not use pitas and send all the ingredients to school with your child, so he or she can them? You may want to limit what you send to put on top of the pizza to pepperoni, cooked sausage, cheese and sauce. 

3. Bean Dip and Chips 

Chips and dip doesn't have to be an unhealthy side parents pack for their children. By making a bean dip, you can send your child with a main dish that's packed with vitamins and other vital nutrients. Opt for blue tortillas or other more healthy options instead of standard corn or flour tortillas. 

4. Taco

Tacos won't obviously stand up in your child's lunch all the way to school on the bus, especially after they've been tossed inside of the child's locker or cubby. However, when you either use soft shells or pack the shell separately and let the child make his or her own taco, your child can enjoy taco Tuesdays, Wednesday or any other school day. 

5. Wraps 

You can stuff wraps with anything from spinach, egg and cheese to chicken, lettuce, tomato and ranch. The possibilities are endless. 

6. Pasta Salad

If your little one enjoys pasta, you can opt for a cold, pasta salad. Use an oil and vinegar dressing, low-fat Italian or oil and lemon. Mix chunks of vegetables like broccoli, cucumbers and carrots along with cheese cubes. 

7. Quiche

Make small quiches in mini pie pans and send them to school with your child. You can put meat or veggies or meat and veggies into the quiches to enhance their flavor and nutritional value. 

8. Quesadilla

Using a quesadilla maker or just the oven, use two whole wheat tortilla shells and place cheese, chicken, olives or whatever else your child likes in between them. Pack salsa or spiced refried beans for dipping.