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All Saint's Day Recipe Book

October 30 was our Living Saints Museum, in anticipation of the Solemnity of All Saints on November 1. Students in our Lower and Upper Elementary classes chose a saint to research and present on. The children got up individually or as a small group and shared their saint presentations. The students also researched recipes in honor of their saint, which our adolescents compiled into the SJB Recipe Book you see below  You are welcome to these recipes at home!

How Music Education is Integrated into the Montessori Classroom

Learn more about the benefits of music education and how music is integrated into the Montessori classroom.

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The Advantages of a Mixed-Age Classroom

Why do Montessori schools prefer mixed-age classrooms Discover how teaching a wide range of ages in one classroom can benefit students.

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Four Montessori Activities to Boost Brainpower

Are you curious about the Montessori system? Try these four activities to boost your toddler's brain.

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Signs It Might be Time to Consider Transferring Schools

Know the signs of when changing schools could help your student's academic performance.

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How to Keep Your Child Mentally Active Over the Summer

Help children learn even when they're not in the classroom.

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Help with Tuition

Limited finances doesn't have to mean a student has to miss out on tuition-based schools.

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Academic Advantages for Preschoolers Who Enroll in Montessori

Learn how you can help your child gain an academic advantage right from the start by enrolling her in the St.John the Baptist, Catholic Montessori School in Excelsior, MN.

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Get Off to a Good Start

Kids need a healthy breakfast to have energy for the entire school right. Make it right with these ideas.

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Creativity and Art in the Montessori Classroom

Learn more about how the Montessori classroom incorporates creativity and art to boost your child's learning and development.

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The Montessori Method and Athletics: The Link Between Physical Activity and Intellectual Function

Discover the link between physical activity and intellectual function and how the Montessori method encourages this link.

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