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Kids of the Kingdom School Day Program

At Saint John’s Kids of the Kingdom we proudly offer a quality school-age child care program for ages 2-12 years. We believ e we are a place that facilitates positive social development in children. We believe we are here to support your role as the parent. We believe in the proverb: It takes a village to raise a child.

Kids of the Kingdom is an extension of the school curriculum. Current sessions include an afternoon session from 2:15 p.m. to 6 p.m. and a Summer session.

Our Promise to you:

  • To provide a safe and positive environment with a program that reinforces positive values and encourages responsible behavior
  • To encourage positive attitudes about ourselves and others
  • To be a place where children learn to play, learn to communicate effectively, problem-solve, and treat one another in a respectful manner
  • The staff of Kids of the Kingdom demonstrates a strong commitment to helping children develop the following life skills: Communication, conflict resolution, coping, confidence, control, community and curiosity.

    We are committed to insuring that these life skills are taught, encouraged and modeled. Children are treated with genuine affection and respect.

    Kids of the Kingdom is located in the St. John’s Annex Building, a secure facility with controlled access. Our program utilizes the whole school and its facilities. We utilize the gym, playground, kitchen, library, and computer lab as we incorporate the use of these areas into our regular routine.

    We can be reached at 952-474-8287 during the afternoon and daily on non-school days such as during the summer.

    KOK Summer Adventure Program

    Our Summer Program Director is Mrs. Nicole Pierskalla. Nicole’s boundless energy and personality along with a degree in Elementary Education will make for a summer of fun and learning

    Our summer program will include a weekly theme with daily activities of music, art, educational programming, physical activity, quiet resting time and snacks. On and off campus field trips.

    Summer Program Hours

    Monday-Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm

    Closed July 4th Holiday Last Day is August 26

    Summer Rates

    Contracted Daily $40 per day

    $35 per day for 2nd Child

    $30 per day for 3rd Child

    Drop In Rate $50 day

    5 pack of days $225

    5 pack of days 2nd child $200

    Registration Fee $50/Family by May 16

    $75 Fee after May 16

    Field Trip Fees

    Each child will have an individual field trip account .Funds will be used for special Field Trips and events. Any funds not used will be refunded at the end of the summer program.