ST. John the Baptist Spanish

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The Spanish program at St. John’s aims to integrate the Spanish language and culture throughout the environment. We focus less on the teaching of grammar and more on the development of listening and speaking skills and on cultural awareness. Students acquire the language through careful listening and repetition, achieved by visuals, games, songs, storytelling and physical activities.

  • Children have fun learning songs, fingerplays and rhymes in Spanish
  • Children are encouraged to participate by listening and repeating the Spanish words
  • Movement activities help children associate their experiences in class to new vocabulary, pronunciation and expressions

The goal is for the ear to get used to the "sound" of Spanish. The children are training their ears to the Spanish language, especially in the younger classrooms. By the time the children reach Middle School, their brains are ready to acquire the language in a more formal study.

It is not expected that all children will become bilingual, or even fluent speakers. Rather, early exposure to another language creates a facility for understanding and speaking it, as well as greater ease in later study. It also creates an early consciousness of culture.