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For children, music is an innate joy that offers a unique way for them to experience the world around them. It reaches the perceptual, intellectual, cultural, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their lives. It promotes creativity, thinking and joy. The Music Curriculum at St. John’s provides a complete, balanced and sequential music education. We strive to develop musically literate children who have an appreciation for beauty and the arts through the love and enjoyment of music. We hope to instill a lifelong desire to seek out music in our students' lives.


Children's House students continue to explore many skills with increased expectation for students participation, increased skill sets, and a deeper level of musical understanding. In Children's House there is an increased focus on vocal production and children are introduced to iconic music reading, solfege syllables (do, re, mi, etc.) and rhythmic notation.


Elementary and middle school children meet with the Music Specialist in the afternoon. Music class involves singing, dancing, marching, playing instruments and listening and moving to various styles of music. The students will learn songs and dances about nature, seasons, holidays and culture. We also value teaching with the use of xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels as well as other percussion instruments using Orff Schulwerk arrangements and experimentation. Students also participate in music games and interactive songs to reinforce musical concepts learned.