ST. John the Baptist Middle School

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Middle School Academics

A Community of Work and Study for Early Adolescents

Our Middle School program is designed for children from 12 to 15 years old (grades 7-8). Middle School is a Full Day experience.



The Middle School curriculum is interdisciplinary, experiential and student-centered.


What Do We Mean By Inter-Disciplinary?

Each day is an exploration in the arts, humanities and sciences. Science is explored in the lab, in the workshop, in small group discussion as well as outdoors.


What Do We Mean By Experiential?

We emphasize learning-by-doing. Book-learning is balanced by the work of the hands and feet. We emphasize practical work with concrete materials and manual tools.


What Do We Mean By Student-Centered?

The curriculum grants the student sufficient freedom to explore his or her own interests and curiosities. The community provides the boundaries students need along with the structured care of skilled, mentoring adults.

Our Fundamental Tenets


We hold a foundational respect for a child’s humanity and, therefore, their individuality.



In terms of both physical and intellectual movement, freedom of exploration is essential.



The curriculum balances and integrates the arts, humanities and sciences.



We emphasize practical work with concrete materials and manual tools. We learn with our head, hands and feet.


The intensity of indoors studies are tempered by outdoors study and the practice of wilderness skills. In other words, nature is also our classroom. Learning takes place on three levels, each carrying equal importance:

  • Four key ways to knowledge (Will I learn to read, write, listen and speak better?)
  • Mastery of content and skills (Will I learn the facts and skills that I need to be successful at the next level?)
  • Patterns of thought (Will I become a creative and critical thinker who can make connections across traditional boundaries?)

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is as significant as cognitive aptitude. We learn with our head, hands, and feet as well as our heart.



The classroom is a community, an organism that is directed and cared for by both students and adults.


Characteristics and Needs of Adolescents

Our Middle School curriculum is designed to meet the unique developmental characteristics and needs of adolescents.


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