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Resurrection Cemetery

Cemetery Hours
Resurrection Cemetery is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day. The main gate, if closed, is not locked, and can be opened as needed. 


Cemetery History
Resurrection Cemetery was established in 1928 by Fr. Thomas Cushen and is one of the relatively few Catholic Cemeteries which allow for non-Catholic burials. The wooded setting offers a place of privacy and quiet and is conveniently located in the west suburban metro at 5555 Covington Road, Shorewood MN 55331.

Resurrection Cemetery currently consists of three sections:

Section 1 This section provides for in-ground burials and children's burial sites. These sites have allowance for above ground monuments. As this section was created in 1928 as the original cemetery, there are few remaining lots available.

Section 2 This section, opened in 1954, has a large quantity of in-ground standard burial sites available. Only flat-marker style monuments are allowable in this section. Both caskets and urns are allowed in these graves.

Section 3 This, our newest section, consists of our new Chapel Mausoleum complex, including our Chapel Mausoleum and columbarium.  A Children's Memorial Area, Meditation Trail and Stations of the Cross are in future plans. The Chapel Mausoleum consists of spaces for both casket burials (crypts) and cremation burials (niches).


Memorials and Floral Decorations

Comforting those who mourn is at the heart of our ministry. Taking care to provide a space that is peaceful and well-maintained honors our beloved dead and shows that we continue to care for them. As we continue to grow in numbers of burials, it is necessary to follow our existing regulations more consistently. It can be challenging as we more strictly enforce our rules, but our goal is to provide a peaceful, inviting space for all who visit.

  • Decorating the grave with flowers is welcomed and encouraged. Such rituals help in the grieving process, and are a good opportunity to offer prayers for those who have died. In order to keep the lawn mowed and trimmed so as to be attractive for these visits, plants, artificial flowers, decorations or ornaments can only be present during the mowing season if they are in a plant stand or shepherds hook with a single post. Plant stands may be placed at grave sites after May 1st and must be removed by October 1st. Resurrection Cemetery cannot store stands over the winter months.
  • Flowers, plants and decorations placed directly on graves will be removed and discarded before each mowing. Bouquets or artificial arrangements that are staked into the grave area will also be removed and discarded. Because of the danger of broken glass, glass containers are not permitted.  Plantings are never permitted.
  • From November 1st to March 31st, evergreen wreaths set on a wreath stand are welcomed and encouraged. Christmas trees are not permitted. Wreath stands are available from your local nursery.
  • We understand that after decorating a grave, you may not be able to return to maintain the decoration. The parish provides the service of removing floral designs and flowers (natural or artificial) from the cemetery when, in our best judgment, they become unsightly or do not conform to cemetery regulations. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities or resources to maintain or store such items, so anything that you do not want to be discarded should be kept in compliance with these regulations. The parish will not be responsible for items that are discarded.
  • There are no floral or memorial displays permitted on the sidewalk surrounding or in the Mausoleum. If you would like to purchase a bronze vase to affix to the granite face of a niche or crypt, please email or call the Parish Office for pricing and to place an order.


If you are looking to locate a specific grave at Resurrection Cemetery, please click HERE.


Megan Adam
Office & Cemetery Manager
952.474.8868 ext. 201