ST. John the Baptist The Church Is Catholic

The Church Is Catholic

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
Speaker: Debbie Herbeck

Growing up in Chicago in a conservative Jewish family and culture, Debbie Herbeck lived out her faith on a daily basis.  But the death of her brother when she was in high school brought her to a place of deep questioning.  Pushing on, but struggling spiritually, Debbie entered the University of Michigan.  Almost immediately she met and became friends with two young women who had been renewed in their Catholic faith.  Through her developing relationships and a series of events, Debbie was being introduced to this person named Jesus – a Jew!  It began her on a journey to learn more about Him through the study of scripture and by making the connection of her roots to the continued story in the New Testament.  Debbie eventually embraced Catholicism as the fulfillment of her Jewish heritage and now leads a career serving Christ and his Church.

For the past thirty years, Debbie has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministry. She is the director of Pine Hills Girls Camp and the co-founder and leader of Be Love Revolution, a movement dedicated to helping young women encounter and be God’s love in the world. Debbie is currently part of Renewal Ministries speaking at conferences and retreats about spiritual growth, discipleship, and her journey from Judaism to the Catholic Church. She also helps lead i.d.9:16, an outreach of Renewal Ministries that equips young adult Catholics to live as intentional disciples.

She has written Safely Through the Storm: 120 Reflections on Hope; Firmly on the Rock: 120 Reflections on Faith; and Love Never Fails: 120 Reflections on Love. She and her husband Peter co-authored When the Spirit Speaks: Touched by God’s Word.

Debbie and Peter have four children and six grandchildren (with one on the way). They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.