ST. John the Baptist Case Statement

Campaign Video


Case Statement

Did you miss the opportunity to attend one of the Parish-wide receptions? Father Carlson takes an in-depth look at the Walking in Faith campaign in this video recording of the Thursday, October 26th reception.

Campaign Brochure

An Update for Our Parish… $1,100,000

Rotate the worship space to face east     
A new altar
A new ambo
A new presider & deacon’s chairs
New stained-glass windows

A permanent baptismal font
A new handicapped accessible confessional
More seating and an external entrance to the Adoration chapel
Modify existing building and sound system to allow for better overflow seating
Install a Monument Sign 

New carpeting in the Gathering Place
Complete drop ceilings in the lower Gathering Place

An update for our School…$750,000

Make the school more energy efficient by updating heating and cooling
Renovate school kitchen with new appliances, floors, and storage options
Update bathrooms to be handicapped accessible

Address landscaping and drainage issues
Update plumbing to accommodate Montessori learning
Replace hallway floors
Replace the roof

Securing our Mission with a Parish Endowment…$500,000

A parish endowment will provide financial stability for all future generations of the St. John’s community. The endowment will support our parish mission by providing a lasting legacy for the parish that will continue to support our ministries well into our future.

Parking Lot Repairs…$400,000

Our current parking lot no longer meets the mandatory size and pitch to comply with town codes. Once all other construction is complete, we must tear up and replace our current parking lot.

Pay off Rectory Mortgage…$250,000